Asia Plateau - Volunteer Internship Program


Asia Plateau Volunteers’ Program 

This year I got involved in a unique outreach program initiated by IofC India. I, together with other volunteers, reach out to friends, communities and people from different regions and faiths to share our own personal experiences of change that have impacted our lives. This program is aimed to share the ideas of IofC, to build friendships and to support local initiatives. Through our programmes we aspire to inspire individuals to identify challenges in personal and professional lives, melt divisions, and forge healthier relationships. Read more..




Asia Plateau Volunteers Internship Program 2018


(Neas Wanimbo - Papua)

I felt privileged to join this year’s Asia Plateau Volunteers Internship Program (APVIP). The participants and I had different journeys and experiences. I felt connected more to myself, to nature, to people and one more important thing was listening to my inner voice. Through the ideas of IofC, I understand the beauty of differences and the values of relationships. In relationship issues, I wanted to rebuild my relationship with my older brother by correcting my own mistake. I believe that this should be started through personal change.

At Asia Plateau I really enjoyed sharing or talking with people from different backgrounds, different religions, different communities and difference countries. Listening to their stories helped me to understand people on a different level and made me realize that everybody has his own journey. Read more..

(Samrotul Mufidah - Bandung) 

I was selected to be one of participants of the Asia Plateau Internship Program which is annually organized by IofC India. The participants came from Indonesia, Japan, India, Australia and Afghanistan. This program is part of learning and growing together through voluntary service, leadership and initiative. I learnt through attendance at seminars, workshops, conferences and other programmes in Asia Plateau, the centre of IofC India, which provides unique opportunities to hear experts on various subjects and to have interactions with facilitators and participants coming from varied backgrounds. Some of the programs are Effective Living and Leadership (ELL) for industries program, Caux Scholar Program (CSP-AP), and Education Today, Society Tomorrow (ETST). The participants listened to each session and shared their stories of change and shared IofC values through playing skits and singing a song. The most important thing was to make changes starting within ourselves and to spread IofC values through our actions. Read more ..



Asia Plateau Volunteers Internship Program 2017


(Najah Raniyah - Jakarta)

14th February 2017, precisely on Valentine’s day was a flowery moment that I had been waiting in my life. I readily stepped my feet to another chapter of my life, going to India. Going abroad for internship program might sounds interesting for everyone, but this journey means more than prestigious for me, it was beyond that! I would stay with other participants who come from different part of the world and worked with them for four and a half months at the greatest center of IofC in Asia named Asia Plateau (AP). I put my full enthusiasm to explore myself more than I used to do during staying in Jakarta, that’s why this moment is one of blessings I ever got.
The moment when I reached AP, I could exactly feel how calm the place was! I captured everything that I saw, I heard, I tasted, the sense was super relaxing and positive. Having located in the middle of jungle with friendly animals, big trees, mountains, beautiful garden and fresh environment, has made this place feel special for those who want to meditate and learn from nature. Read more ...

(Siti Rukoyah - Sukabumi)

I feel privileged to be part of Asia Plateau Internship Volunteer Program organized by IofC India. I never thought that I would go abroad for that long especially for an internship program. I do remember for the first time in my life that my father came to IofC secretariat house and gave a little speech in front of my IofC friends. He also accompanied me to the airport together with my friends. I had lost our time together in the past and I had my father back for me. Those moments gave me positive energy and hope to go to India. 
I stayed in a beautiful center of IofC in India called Asia Plateau for four and a half months with other participants. Living in AP gave me chance to meet many people from different background and interact with them. I felt so much love around them. During my time in AP I learned to forgive my past and to let go my pain. All the processes I experienced were not easy I need to drop my egos but like what Nieketu Uncle, IofC senior from Nagaland said ‘Human being should change to create a better relationship because it gives hope to others, and to give hope to others we should change started within ourselves”. Read more ..