Sunday, July 22, 2018

I feel privileged to be part of Asia Plateau Internship Volunteer Program organized by IofC India. I never thought that I would go abroad for that long especially for an internship program. I do remember for the first time in my life that my father came to IofC secretariat house and gave a little speech in front of my IofC friends. He also accompanied me to the airport together with my friends. I had lost our time together in the past and I had my father back for me. Those moments gave me positive energy and hope to go to India. 
I stayed in a beautiful center of IofC in India called Asia Plateau for four and a half months with other participants. Living in AP gave me chance to meet many people from different background and interact with them. I felt so much love around them. During my time in AP I learned to forgive my past and to let go my pain. All the processes I experienced were not easy I need to drop my egos but like what Nieketu Uncle, IofC senior from Nagaland said ‘Human being should change to create a better relationship because it gives hope to others, and to give hope to others we should change started within ourselves” 
All participants were divided into two groups for outreach program. I stayed in Mumbai where I had an amazing experience. We visited the U.S embassy, some schools, NGOs, some historical places in the southern part Mumbai. The activities really opened my eyes and my mind and broke my prejudice towards Indian people.
I felt so grateful that I have precious experience with the greatest teammate I had where we care, encourage and help each other. We come from different backgrounds and I respect this relationship. For me IofC does not only teach me a way to live but also gives me a big family in the world.

Reported by Siti Rukoyah