Thursday, August 16, 2018

I felt privileged to join this year’s Asia Plateau Volunteers Internship Program (APVIP). The participants and I had different journeys and experiences. I felt connected more to myself, to nature, to people and one more important thing was listening to my inner voice. Through the ideas of IofC, I understand the beauty of differences and the values of relationships. In relationship issues, I wanted to rebuild my relationship with my older brother by correcting my own mistake. I believe that this should be started through personal change.

At Asia Plateau I really enjoyed sharing or talking with people from different backgrounds, different religions, different communities and difference countries. Listening to their stories helped me to understand people on a different level and made me realize that everybody has his own journey.

We were invited to visit Pachputewadi village. We were given a chance to experience farming there and had meals together with the family. On global hand-washing day Grampari, a rural and ecological centre, ran a school visit program. We were invited to meet and share with students. We demonstrated to the students how to wash our hands properly. I also had a chance to visit Pune with my group, while another group visited Mumbai. We met some IofC families and visited a museum, market and radio station.

During our country presentation sessions, Pipit, another participant from Indonesia and I presented about our resources, culture, food, currency, politics and education system of Indonesia. In the culture performance, I performed the Papuan dance. I was delighted that I could introduce Indonesian culture to other participants and to the IofC family in Asia Plateau. In the end, I was so grateful that I could meet and interact with great people and also join Asia Pacific Youth Conference (APYC) program, the 50th Anniversary of Asia Plateau and Agni Path.