Sunday, September 23, 2018

Trust Building for Muslim and Adventist in Bandung


Bandung, 17-19 April 2015

IofC Indonesia team led by Miftahul Huda together with SEARAH led by Fery run aprogram of Trustbuilding Camp.

50 Young Muslim and adventist leaders were together in Bandung from 17-19 April 2015 to learn from each other and listen to their life stories and also learn to build trust between Islam and Christianity.

The three days camp brought young leaders to learn about diversity and break the prejudices through dialogue and games to create trust and friendship.

In every morning there was a session on scriptural reasoning, reading the holy quran and the bible, they read the topic which is shared both in quran and bible. For some participants this is new experince interacting with the book and the people about the same topic.  

Ayi, a lecturer of the State Islamic University Bandung explained what is Islam and what is being understood about Islam and Muslim, especially the message of Islam, that Islam is a blessings for all, it means that as a muslim we need to be peaceful and create peace arround us. Jihad was also being discussed that the meaning of Jihad is not a violent concept but struggling for peaceful battle for self control and betterment.

These what they said about the trustbuilding camp

“This is my first time reading Quran and have a discussion with my Muslim friends”

“I used to have preujudices toward muslim, through this camp, I know have better understanding and persective about Islam and Muslim. We are now friends”

“I feel that this camp will help us grow as Indonesian to be more united and peaceful”