Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Asia Plateau Volunteers’ Program


This year I got involved in a unique outreach program initiated by IofC India. I, together with other volunteers, reach out to friends, communities and people from different regions and faiths to share our own personal experiences of change that have impacted our lives. This program is aimed to share the ideas of IofC, to build friendships and to support local initiatives. Through our programmes we aspire to inspire individuals to identify challenges in personal and professional lives, melt divisions, and forge healthier relationships.


I intended to join this program because in my life I have received so much support, love and care from families, friends, communities, and people around me, to support me to become who I am right now. I want to give back what I have received from them to the society. This outreach program is a good opportunity for me to share what I learned and what I want to contribute to society. I also want to learn about the Indian culture, to build networking with new friends, and to apply what I have learned during my last internship at Asia Plateau.


The activities involve travelling to different parts of India from southern to north eastern parts of India, sharing stories, playing skits, running leadership training programs, visiting communities, students, corporates, and governments. This opportunity gave me a chance to find my higher purpose or my calling in life and also the need for the person I want to be and not who others want me to be. This program has given me an amazing journey and changed my way of thinking towards the world and myself. One thing I learned about is, if you want to touch someones heart, then first touch your own heart”.


Sharing our personal change story is not just about participating but when I share my stories I understand more about myself and I feel relaxed, find liberation and peace of mind from the feelings of some burdens, and at the same time inspire others. Additionally, through this program I also learn about leading IofC sessions, teamwork and of course improving my English skill.


Reported by Neas Wanimbo