Monday, March 28, 2016

Trust Building, Yogyakarta


Building Trust in Yogyakarta, 26-28 Febuary 2016

After the success of Trust Building Camp in Jaya Pura Papua in Januari this year, We got invitation to facilitate the trust Building Camp in Yogyakarta.  It was held on 26-28 February 2016 in Kaliurang Yogyakarta.

This time we came with the invitation of our friends from SEARAH Fery and Frisca where they work with young people and students og Yogyakarta, that has been actively working for interfiath work. Yogyakarta was very well known as a Tolerant City,  as there is a moumnetal history and culture where 3 religion met; Borobudur as the largest Budhist temple located near to Yogyakarta, and then Hindu temple of Prambanan and the Sultan Kingdom of Muslim. But during last 2 years Yogyakarta as the City of Students where here are many Universities which attract more people to come now it has been affected by the intolerant group that creates fear, prejudices and discrimination.

The Trust Building Camp this time in Yogyakarta only focused on two different communities; between the Muslim and Advent/Christian. During the process of the camp we got ideas to have more dialogue with other faith altough our aims is to bring the majority religion of Muslim and Christian.

The camp was creted to bring Muslim and Adventist to have a dialogue and understanding using the creative program design like Morning Reflection, Film Imam and Pastor screen, Family Group, Expression Night, Reading Bible and Quran or Scriptural reasoning and most importnatly to have a time together to share the room and foods as a family. We also invited speakers from Muslim Community Leader from Pesantren Pandanaran that explained about the messages of Islam and the context of Indonesia culture and also speakre from Advent that explained about advent and the basic principles of advent.

We have 40 participants and 10 facilitators for this camp. Here are some comments and insight from some participants.

" I don’t know what to expect from this camp, I thought it is only reading bible and Quran, but it was also about acceptance, diversity and Love. I like the most session on forgiveness, It was personal yet a very socially reflective element of the camp. The family group was great to me. Like a real family!”

“I can share all my prblems, my dreams and pray for each other. I also learn much about life from other’s stories”

“This is my first time reading Bible and Quran and discuss it with the people, I now have better understanding toward Muslim friends, where I used to be judgemental. The session on Inner Journey reminded me to have a break for Quiet, as I am busy for my life”

“I found we have many in common between Muslim and Advent”

“I like the dialogue, it is not debate but listening to each other”