Preventing Violent Extremism; Indonesian Experiences

By: Rinni Meir & Miftahul Huda | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Indonesia has struggled with violent extremism for years. The rise of ISIS in 2014 made the struggle even harder because of its influence in Indonesia. There has been a threat toward human life, humanity and also Indonesia’s unity. Efforts have been made to counteract this violent extremism from the root causes all the way to the recovery process. The roots of violent extremism might vary across the country but, from the discussion, we learned that it arises because of the lack of tolerance and toxic masculinity.  Read more

Learning from Broken Trust

By: Yofrina Octika Gultom | Sunday, March 13, 2022

What will the world be without trust?

Why is trust fundamental for the way we live of everyday life?

How to heal and learn from broken trust?

Trust can mean different things to different people. No matter how we define trust, trust should start within ourselves. Trust will happen when we start to trust ourselves and stay true. For me, trust is an essential value in any relationship, either the relationship I have with myself or with others. Life experiences and becoming part of communities help shape my views on building trust.   Read more




Trust-building through Education: Building trust with students

By: Yofrina Octika Gultom | Tuesday, March 22, 2022

My childhood dream has always been to become a teacher. Teachers have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students. I have been driven by my strong belief that education can change lives and it is one of the keys to success. The purpose of education itself is also to prepare students for life beyond school. Read more



What It Means to Trust the Process

By: Yofrina Octika Gultom | Tuesday, April 14, 2022

Life is a process of learning and growing. We learn and grow to be a better version of ourselves. We don’t only learn from school but also from family, people around, and environment; we can even learn from our past, mistakes and failures. The best lesson I learned from my mom is to live life with values and stay true to what we believe in.  Read more