Sunday, March 13, 2022

Learning from Broken Trust


What will the world be without trust?

Why is trust fundamental for the way we live of everyday life?

How to heal and learn from broken trust?


Trust can mean different things to different people. No matter how we define trust, trust should start within ourselves. Trust will happen when we start to trust ourselves and stay true. For me, trust is an essential value in any relationship, either the relationship I have with myself or with others. Life experiences and becoming part of communities help shape my views on building trust.


Trust can be found in simple things, like I always trusted and relied on my mom waking me up for school, my late dad picking me up from school and trusted that he would bring me to the toy store almost every week after school even though I didn’t ask.


Why is trust fundamental for the way we live of everyday life? Trust is fundamental to building friendship, relationship, community, organization and even business. Straightforwardly, trust is essential in both working and personal relationship. It will help us build strong connections and brings harmony.


When I am surrounded by trustworthy persons, I can be my true self and shape my personality.

When trust exists, things will run smoothly; but when trust is gone, the relationship is broken. Trust can take much time to build, seconds to break and longer time to rebuild. So, how to heal and learn from broken trust?


Take care of yourself first, don’t let negative situations ruin your happiness. Trusting yourself helps you to make decisions wisely and boosts self-confidence. Take your time and heal yourself. Healing from broken trust takes time. Take your time and let go of the expectations of others. Look inwardly, feel your feelings, be aware of your thoughts and emotions and stay true to yourself.


When you find something’s wrong, speak up and express truth with honesty and love. The four absolute values of honesty, purity, unselfishness and love are connected to one another. Speaking up truth may hurt but not speaking up the truth will hurt and ruin a relationship more.


Another essential part of healing is that of having a support system. Having support systems such as family, teachers and close friends is a blessing. They accept us the way we are, provide us support and are ready to listen without judging.


Finally, let go and forgive. When we forgive, we will be guided to more peaceful easy living. As I learn from broken trust, I forgive and not for the person more but for myself so that I can move on and live my life more peacefully.


We are all just human beings and we all make mistakes. It’s about how we acknowledge our mistakes and learn from the mistakes. Trust the process and have faith that all will be well, also remember that healing is a process.


In the end, let’s reflect on these questions: What makes someone trustworthy? What roles do I play to (re)build trust? How do I learn from my broken trust?



Yofrina Octika Gultom