Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Workshop: All About Love

The School of Reconciliation (Sekolah Rekonsiliasi) presented a workshop entitled, “All about Love” at Ruang&Tempo building. Sekolah Rekonsiliasi is inspired by the passion to care for others and is also referred to as a companionship program.


This workshop was held on 23 March 2019 with the theme, “We can’t love other people well, before we are able to love ourselves.” The agenda was to talk about Loving Self, Falling in Love, a One on One Session, and the launching of Sekolah Cinta, a new program of Sekolah Rekonsiliasi to share and to deeply talk about love.

This workshop presented Dhuha Hadiansyah, the author of Falsafah Keluarga, a book about a philosophical view of family. He said that people fall in love because of the lack of love. “When we can fall in love, we also have to know how to build love.” In his book, Dhuha explained further about family issues; that people who lack affection in their childhood tend to have a lot of difficulty love themselves.

Nenden Vinna Mutiara Ulfa, co-founder Sekolah Rekonsiliasi said, “How can we accept God’s love, if we don’t love ourselves?  Love is the core of life.” Loving is not giving in but both people winning. Loving each other means we decide to grow together spiritually. Nenden also talked about emotional control such as anger management. Getting angry is normal as long as we don’t hurt people when we are angry. It is a way to release our emotional pressure.

During the workshop, the participants were given space to reflect on their childhood memories, then sharing in groups. This session was aimed to recall their memories, to appreciate what had happened, and to find out that love has grown since childhood.

Nur Hayati Syafii, part of the Sekolah Rekonsiliasi core team, shared her story of change. Through Sekolah Rekonsiliasi, she learned to be more open with her family and to feel comfortable with her feelings. “I am grateful that now I can establish communication with my parents, especially my mother. I want to listen more to my inner voice, to know myself better, and to ask myself what I need.”

Reported by Yofrina Octika Gultom