Tuesday, June 4, 2019

A Visit to IofC Indonesia Senior

On May 31, 2019 we paid a visit to a senior of IofC Indonesia. Jusni Kusumawardhy Jusuf, a 92 year old lady, has known MRA/IofC since 1959. She, together with her late husband, Kusumawardhy, also known as John, was introduced to this social movement by Kusumawardhy’s elder brother, named Soenarto. In truth, one of Soenarto’s granddaughters, Nonie was part of IofC Indonesia team. Nonie found that her late grandfather, Soenarto, was part of MRA/IofC after she’d been involved with IofC for years.

Since December 2018 Nonie and her family have given a space as the IofC house, located in Tangerang. We regularly have a gathering in their house. Jusni shared her stories on how she got to know the MRA/IofC. “My husband and I were invited to attend an MRA/IofC conference in the Philippines. As I got the calling, I was involved more with MRA/IofC programs. I decided to take leave for a year from my work as a civil servant, and then we joined outreach programs around the world together with MRA friends from various countries. As a freelancer, it was not hard for my husband to travel abroad. My brother in law, Soenarto worked at the state radio network of Indonesia. It was challenging for him to travel abroad; that’s why my husband and I committed to join outreach programs in various countries.”

Jusni and her husband stayed in the USA with other MRA/IofC friends, also travelled to Japan, Caux, India as well; and got connected with MRA/IofC friends there. They were also friends of George Wood, Rob Wood’s father from Australia. Jusni said, “MRA/IofC is a way of living. This movement makes me a good Muslim.  Having quiet times daily guides me to reflect on my personal life and how I care for others.” She also expressed her gratefulness for our visit. Her message to young team is to keep the commitment in spreading peace and value our lives with the values of purity, honesty, unselfishness, and love. “Without having commitment, we may not have depth in what we are doing.”

Reported by Yofrina Octika Gultom