Saturday, May 6, 2023

Trustbuilding Talk: Healing Historical Wounds is expected to be a forum for participants to deepen their understanding and improve their skills in building better relationships and mutual understanding amidst differences in culture, religion, and race. Thus, it is hoped that Indonesian society can continue to develop in harmony and peace.

This Trustbuilding Talk activity raises the theme of Healing Historical Wounds, where there are 2 main agendas,”Seeking The Imam '' is a Film Discussion and 'Ngobrol Yuk & Friends for Life' Card Play. The main speakers at the “Seeking The Imam” film discussion were Dhania and Febri from, as well as Dr. Binsar Pakpahan, an HKBP Pastor andLecturer at the Jakarta School of Theological Philosophy.

Participants are enjoying the sharing from the cards

The event started with playing the 'Ngobrol Yuk and Friends for Life' card, the game can make conversations warmer, deeper, and more open. Participants were divided into 3 small groups and led by a facilitator.


Dhania shared her story after wacthing the movie " Seeking The Imam"

After that, at the discussion of the movie 'Seeking the Imam', Dhania said that the issue of terrorism and extremism could happen in our immediate environment. All levels of society need to work together to tackle this issue. As someone involved in the issue, Dhania sees that there is difficulty in continuing education for a lot of people.
On the other side, Febri also added that he highlighted that people who are involved in the issue of extremism could be those who only follow because one of their family members left. Febri also felt that the narrative used by extremists is designed to influence young people. We need to be wiser with social media.

As this is his first time seeing the movie, Dr. Binsar made an important point about the importance of creating an ideal working hour system in this country. So, all the roles in the family are fulfilled and not lost. Because if one of the roles is lost, people will do anything to try and regain the desired role.

The event was also completed with a discussion session, where there were participants who also shared experiences about their past when they joined a group that supported the caliphate. The event was closed with prayers and breaking the fast together.

Writer: Anisa

Translator and Editor: Ari Budi S