Wednesday, May 17, 2023

IofC Indonesia keeps doing the Trustbuilg Talk; Healing Historical Wound on Dialogue for Change.

On April 14, 2023, the Dialogue for Change event was held with the theme "Build Trust, Break Prejudice" and the "Ngobrol Yuk" card game, initiated by IofC Indonesia in collaboration with 3 (three) communities, namely JAKATARUB, SEKODI, and Halaqah Damai. The event aimed to create opportunities for participants from various backgrounds to dialogue, build trust, and overcome any prejudices that may exist among them. In addition, the event was also a moment to strengthen social relationships in the atmosphere of breaking the fast together.

The event was attended by Catholic nuns and participants from various backgrounds, including representatives of religions, community leaders, and members of the general public. They gathered at the Halaqah Damai RSCJ Studio at 3:30 PM to start a meaningful dialogue.

The event began with an opening speech by Sr. Gerardette Philips representing Religieuse du Sacre Coeur de Jesus (RSCJ), who emphasized building trust among participants and combating prejudices that often hinder understanding and understanding cooperation. Moreover, she highlighted the importance of breaking the fast together to strengthen tolerance, and positive narratives to build a culture of peace and develop trust. Fanny, from SEKODI, added the speech expressing his gratitude to collaborate and to mention the importance to maintain it in the future.

The participants enjoy the sharing in the groups

After the opening speech, the event continued with an interactive dialogue session facilitated by Fanny, Nurhayati and Anisa Eka Putri and several respondents such as Berlinda Nefertiti (Reconciliation School), Obaja Gobai (Papuan Student), Aries Hardiyanto (SEKODI), and M. Daffa (JAKATARUB). Participants were invited to share their experiences and views on social issues. The dialogue session aimed to build understanding, reduce tensions, and explore ways to improve more harmonious and inclusive relationships in society.

During the dialogue, the atmosphere in the studio was very warm and respectful. Participants listened attentively, respected each other's opinions, and showed openness to differences. Prejudices and stereotypes that may have existed before were successfully broken down through open discussion and tolerance.

The event continued with a game called "Ngobrol Yuk" (Let's Chat), where there were five discussion themes such as democracy, critical thinking, environment, mental health, and diversity. Participants were divided into small groups and accompanied by facilitators.

After the "Ngobrol Yuk" session, the event continued with breaking the fast together. Delicious food and takjil (small meals to break the fast) were served for everyone to enjoy. Participants from various backgrounds sat together, chatted happily, and shared their life experiences. The moment of breaking the fast together created a fun sense of togetherness and strengthened the feeling of brotherhood among participants.

The warmest vibes among participants

Miftahul Huda, who expressed appreciation to everyone who attended the event, closed the Dialogue for Change event with a speech, and all of us took a group photo.


Author and Translator: Fanny S Alam

Editor: Anisa