Monday, December 11, 2017

Tempo Media Week: Initiatives of Change (IofC) Indonesia Booth


On November 24 – 26, 2017 IofC Indonesia was involved in the community exhibition for Tempo Media Week. This event was held at the National Library of Indonesia. This year’s theme was, “Hand in Hand for A Better Digital Society.”

The event consisted of exhibitions, a panel discussion, workshops, a master class and seminar. IofC Indonesia, together with social communities in Jakarta, welcomed the visitors to their booth and introduced their core activities.

During the exhibition, we fundraised by selling IofC Indonesia T-shirts and notebooks. The exhibition became a space for us to share what IofC is, our programs and to build a network with people. In addition, we ran art therapy and a listening booth for the visitors who wanted to share and express their feelings and thoughts through art. Some visitors also enjoyed playing a board game about peace with our team.

A testimonial from a participant said, ‘Listening to the IofC team made me realize more about the essence of listening to the inner voice. I would love to hear more about the values taught in the IofC circle.’

Some visitors are keen to get to know more about IofC and we warmly welcome them to visit IofC Indonesia secretariat house.