Friday, January 4, 2019

Tempo Media Week 2018

Day 1
Tempo Media Week is back; this year’s event was held at the Tempo office from the 14 – 16 December 2018. The theme was, “Hand in Hand for A Better Digital Society.” The event consisted of exhibitions, inspiring classes, workshops, and seminars. IofC Indonesia participated, together with some communities such as: Kawula Kopi, Komik Anu, Invira (Indonesia Virtual Association), Sahabat ICW (Indonesia Corruption Watch), and Amnesty International.

A session led by Syahrul Azmi was about A Future Fit for the Digital Age. The digital age is something that’s happening right now. In the future, some skills we will need are: analytical thinking and innovation, active learning and learning strategies, creativity, originality and initiation. The question is, “How might we remain relevant for the needs of the future? Are we ready?” 

Learning agility is an ability to learn and adapt quickly while applying four foundation skills namely: (1) Growth Mindset. Anything can be developed. What we need is self-awareness and a curiosity to learn; (2) Grit. Everyone needs to be persistent, with energy and tenacity to be successful; (3) Intellectual Agility. People who have flexibility of thinking can solve problems in many different ways. We need to build critical thinking, speed of processing, and flexible processing; (4) Emotional Agility. It is necessary to be well-rounded psychologically and physically. We need to. be able to build interpersonal engagement and manage emotions in ourselves and others.

During the exhibition, we fundraised by selling IofC Indonesia T-shirts and hand-made stationery made by students of Takwanul Ummah school. The exhibition became a space for us to share what IofC is, our programs and to build networks with people from various backgrounds.
Day 2
On the second day a community called Semua Murid Semua Guru (#SMSG) presented a program called #KirimBudi which focuses on a movement to support equitable education in Indonesia, especially in the rural areas.  This program aims to collect and deliver 10,000 flash disks per unit which requires donations of IDR 100,000 which includes shipping costs to the region. Later, the collected flash disks will be sent to underdeveloped schools throughout Indonesia gradually until the end of 2018.

A Kopi Aroma Rasa Cerita workshop was led by #NgopiDiKantor. In the beginning of the workshop, we were informed about various kinds of local Indonesian coffee from more than 10 provinces in Indonesia such as Kopi Gayo (Aceh), Kopi Toraja, and Kopi Flores. We were also informed about the whole process of coffee-making from the hands of coffee farmers until we can drink the coffee from the cups in our favorite coffee shop. The facilitator also taught us how to properly brew coffee with different brewing methods.
Day 3
On the third day, IofC Indonesia in collaboration with Komunitas Bicara Baik facilitated a session called “Inisiatif Indonesia Bicara Baik”. This session was led by Irna Yugaswatie from IofC Indonesia and Ardiyamsi Sarmoko from Komunitas Bicara Baik. This session encouraged us to appreciate those who love us unconditionally and to accept and to forgive those who hurt us in order to create peace within ourselves. Also, to start speaking nicely and posting something positive, because we create our own happiness and we can share it with others too.

The next session after IofC was called “Write for Rights” that was conducted by Amnesty Indonesia. Amnesty Indonesia is a global movement with more than 7 million people who believe that injustice is a personal matter. This number will continue to grow if we strive to create a world where human rights can be enjoyed by everyone.
The last session was led by the well-known travel blogger from Indonesia, Trinity. In this session called Menulis Catatan Harian Perjalanan, Trinity showed us how to write an impressively about our travel experiences so that the readers can really feel the journey in the places we visited. We may visit the common tourist attractions, but the key is how we write the story from a different angle so that the readers find our writings helpful and attractive. We enjoyed the sessions and this year’s Tempo Media Week was a successful achievement.

Reported by Yofrina Octika Gultom, Anne Rufaida and Alifah Djula