Sunday, October 22, 2023


Observing the development of the Israeli-Palestinian war, which killed thousands of civilians, and the damage and impacts to humanity, the Initiatives of Change Indonesia (IofC) Executive Board issued the following statement:

1. We, in Initiatives of Change (IofC) international, have experienced first-hand, for almost 100 years, the struggles of people in conflict in many parts of the world. For example, we were there helping in the healing process of the peoples of Europe after World War II, working to transform bitter enemies into friends We were present in Northern Ireland during ‘the Troubles’; in the United States we helped to reconcile black and white communities through our ‘Hope in the Cities’ programme; and in South Africa, during the apartheid regime, we helped  a minority white population to understand the plight of the majority black population they had oppressed and fenced off for 50 years.  And, in Indonesia in the last decade we have helped to build a bridge for dialogue and reconciliation between the perpetrators and victims of the JW.Marriot bombing, the Ambon, Poso, and Papua conflict, and other inter-religious clashes.

2. We are extremely concerned about the Israeli-Palestinian war and express our deep condolences to the thousands of civilians who died and were injured, and thousands of people were forcibly displaced. 

3. We call on the United Nations Security Council to immediately take political and diplomatic steps involving related parties, especially Israel-Palestine, to stop the war, carry out a ceasefire, and pursue peace negotiations.

4. We urge that Hamas stop targeting civilians and Israel stop retaliating with its bombardment of Gaza. All parties must participate in resolving the root of the problem and complying with and implementing the UN Security Council Resolution as a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

5. The Indonesian government has BEEN more proactive in responding to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the United Nations as the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Retno Marsudi gave her speech in the United Nations that Indonesia will not back DOWN an inch in our support for Palestinian statehood.

6. We, IofC Indonesia, are well prepared to be the bridge for dialogue to achieve lasting reconciliation for victims on both sides.

7. IofC Indonesia always supports peace throughout the world and we believe that the only weapon that can be used IN THE FIGHT FOR humanity is moral.


IofC Indonesia Team