Friday, May 11, 2018

Spiritual Meeting and Fun Rafting with IofC Family and Friends


On 5-6 May 2018 IofC Indonesia organized a fun rafting to Cikidang, Sukabumi City. It is 120 km away from Jakarta. The trip started on 5 May in the evening to Bogor. In Bogor, we met and stayed overnight in the mosque, Harakatul Jannah which was led by our advisor, Ustad Agus Mulyana. We were from 3 different cities; Jakarta, Bandung and Serang.  There was one participant from Bangladesh, Annisha who was participatiing in an internship program in Sampahkoe community.

That night, we listened to Ustad Agus’s speech. He shared about how we have a blessed life. Blessing is the goodness added in all we do. It’s not measured by the materialistic things we have but rather the peaceful life we have. Then we had the chance to ask questions or problems we are facing to Ustadz and he gave really wise answers. Our friend, Mostafa visited us; he is the participant of Life Matters Course program from Afghanistan who has been living in Indonesia for 3 years.

In the early morning we continued going to Cikidang, Sukabumi. Along the way to Cikidang, we had breakfast and arrived in Cikidang at 9 am ready for rafting. The guide briefly explained how to use the pedal, life jacket and safely helmet.

After that we were separated into 4 groups of boats. This rafting was about 13 km and it took hours to reach the finish line. It was really fun.  I thought I would have an aching body and it would scare me because this rafting was on an advanced level. We could have been through this together. My new friend, Ijal from Bandung said that when we were on the boat, all we have to do is to let the wave in the river bring us ahead. Sometimes we do not need to worry about the wave, just relax and enjoy.

All of us felt happy and thanked each other for this trip. Rama shared that it is not only fun rafting, but also a spiritual journey. Rafting is also about teamwork and leadership.

One thing I learnt from this trip was that there is no wifi in the river, but I promise you’ll find a better connection. We might not know each other well, but by going together it could bring us to become a great team.


Reported by Anne Rufaida