Thursday, March 14, 2019

Smart School #2

Smart School #1 was successfully completed and the next Smart School #2 was held from 10 – 21 February 2019. Basically the concept program was the same as the first one. Morning Reflection and Peace Family are the tools to equip the participants to connect with themselves better, so they will be ready to do service for others. Friends from Initiatives of Change (IofC) Indonesia, who served in this Smart School, were Huda, Nenden, Hayati and Pipit.
Here are what the participants said about these two sessions:

We were able to do it because we got used to doing it, because it became a habit. Morning reflection and peace family is a form of a "request" that accustoms us to understand the meaning of to "pause". A request to be open, to open wounds, to ask, forgive, and dream. Fandi from Blora, signed area in Surabaya.
From the sessions, I was reminded again about my purpose to eliminate negative thoughts and explore my strengths and weaknesses. As for my surroundings, I was reminded again about interrupted relations that have to be re-established and how to restore them or just to release a burden if it was still very difficult to heal wounds. Ummi from Jakarta, signed area in Surabaya.

I got so much valuable experience from the morning reflection and peace family sessions I got to know myself better, to know my weaknesses and strengths and to realize what I should do next in life. I have never shared my personal stories with many people for fear that people would patronize and sneer, but with Peace Family I realized that the story of life could be very valuable because it shapes us today, and in the Peace Family no one judged the story I shared; all the members only listened and responded positively to each story. After hearing stories from other people, I can also be more grateful for what I already have in life, because basically everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Nia from Aceh, signed area in Surabaya.

Thank God, after getting used to 10 days doing morning reflection, now for me it becomes a habit that every morning I do before starting other activities. I personally feel the serenity and benefits; it is a kind of healing energy every time I do morning reflection. Likewise, with Peace Family, people who have come from other areas whom I did not know but at the end they seemed to know me more than someone I’ve known for a long time. Aphink from Palu, signed area in Cianjur.

After reflecting, there are a lot of things I gained/learnt from Morning Reflection. At first, I learnt the values of humanity, such as honesty, tolerance, solidarity, equality, etc. The impact gave me the feeling I could go deeper into myself and listen to my inner voice; I would learn the area/values that I already had and which area/values I needed to improve.  After exploring myself, I found there is still dishonesty in me. I started with a small lie and then I created another lie and a lie to cover my first lie, then this became a big lie. With Morning Reflection, I got to know that I have not been reflecting on myself and I have not been careful with my “dark” side. I am so thankful for morning reflection, I learned to love myself and I need to nurture this. Izza from Malang, signed area in Cianjur.

The morning reflection session was a reminder in the morning about positive things, to be grateful, and calmer before we start the day, and also to listen to inspiring stories from other people, and of course make peace within. Putri from Palembang, signed area in Cianjur.

Thanks God, for morning reflection and peace family, I got to know what my weaknesses and strength are, and I am able to respect what I possess and not to take over other people’s right and humiliate them. The most interesting is that every day I am able to have a self-reflection. Untung from Ambon, the Coordinator in Ambon.

Thanks God for Morning Reflection.  I enjoy the beauty of nature, and am able to share our experiences with friends.  I also know that I am actually weak. Every day we need care from other people and our surroundings. From the Peace Family session, I found a new family that is very valuable in my life.  I am so happy and am motivated by my new family. Andi Arya Pratama, the Coordinator in Cianjur West Java.