Monday, June 4, 2018
Sekolah Rekonsiliasi Indonesia

"Reading Class and Iftar"

Jakarta, 27 May 2018

The class of reading was special as we have it during Ramadhan. We started the workshop by reading the book of Family by John Bradshaw,

People came from diverse backgrounds; housewives, students, workers, young people and seniors.

We ran Reading class in two sessions.

In the morning, 8 participants came and explored more about Crisis of Family (Chapter 1). The session was held at IofC secretariat house. 

Umi Wahyuni, the elder sister of Miftahul Huda and Pipit, our IofC friends welcomed us during the afternoon session. This session was also attended by 8 participants. We read and shared about System of Family (Chapter 2).

We had a Quiet Time and shared our thoughts after one-day workshop. We have made lots of progress. I am so grateful that as we grow, we grow together.

These are some insights and sharing from our participants after the workshop.

LN, 27 years old

I did violence to my kid and it ruined my days. I wanted to heal my past especially with my childhood experience. Through the workshop, I learn to stop hitting my kid.

NI, 37 years old

I used to lock my children in the bathroom for them to calm down. After attending the workshop, I realize even if I didn't hit them, I had treated them badly. Now I can comunicate and talk to my kids more peacefully.


UM 42 years old

I am in the worst situation in my life, where I am in the divorce process. I hadn't lived together with my biological mom in my whole life. Yet, with the situation I am facing this time, I feel grateful that my mom always supports me, she's always there for me. I feel more connected to my mom.

FR, 29 years old

After attending the workshop, I learn to reflect myself, heal my past, and keep growing. I am aware of conflict with my mom and I don't want to express my emotional wounds to my kids. I always manage to join the workshop that I learn lots of things. I also love to read reference books of 'Sekolah Rekonsiliasi' with my husband.

The class ended by iftar (breaking the fast) and also prayer for change we wish to see and abundant blessings of Ramadhan.

After Jakarta, we will have reading session in Bandung June 3rd 2018 In PeaceGeneration Office.


Reported by Nenden Vinna Mutiara Ulfa