Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Power of Story Telling Through Social Media


IofC Indonesia was invited by Tempo Media Group to attend a workshop on the 15th August 2018 with the theme of The Power of Story Telling through Social Media. The session started by getting to know each other. Bagja Hidayat, the speaker, talked about 6 techniques to share stories in social media and they are: angle, focus, narration, scene, anecdote, and language. Fadli Sofyan, another speaker from Creative Digital Marketing, explained how to make social media an interesting platform for a community to interact with their followers, especially young people. Knowing the purpose about the things we post, the content must be short and clear, giving questions in the post so people can respond, and to have a creative design for display.


Before the workshop ended, the representatives of Tempo Media Group, told us that they were offering co-working space to all communities who joined the workshop. Those communities who have an interest in using the co-working space will be provided rooms for seminar/ workshop space and networking with other communities.


Reported by Dinnie H. Firdausi