Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is pleased to announce the launch of their refreshed brand. In 2017, IofC’s global community guided by the international communications team looked how to best take the organization’s heritage into the future by refreshing the brand with the help of design agency ACW. The refreshed brand was launched on January 17, 2018, during the 50th anniversary celebration of Initiatives of Change’s centre in India: Asia Plateau in Panchgani.


Building on IofC’s heritage

Initiatives of Change was founded in the 1920s in the United Kingdom. Since then, the movement has grown into a world-wide network and values-based organization of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. 


IofC believes that every person has something unique to contribute in building a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. This is why we inspire, equip and connect people to address the world’s needs, starting with oneself. IofC emphasizes the vital link between personal change and global change.


Over the last 90 years, IofC has gained credibility and extensive experience by building trust across the world’s divides. To build on this heritage, the refresh of the IofC brand  aimed to maintain a visual connection to how the brand identity was seen before but with a fresh look and feel: designed for today's continuously changing audiences.


The story behind the logo

In the logo, the mission and vision of IofC is reflected: the vital link between personal and global change. The path shows the individual person’s journey through life. The sphere represents the world and how IofC helps its members to grow and build a more just, peaceful and sustainable world for future generations.

Questions and support

To see our new refreshed brand identity in action, please visit: For questions and support please send an email to The IofC International communications team, managed by Marlene Zurgilgen, will do its best to assist you.