Monday, March 28, 2016

National Consultation of IofC Indonesia “One Team, One Goal”


Reported by. Yofrina Octika Gultom

Initiatives of Change (IofC) Indonesia held the National Consultation at Muslimat Nahdatul Ulama Hall in Tangerang. This gathering was held from 25 to 26 March and there were 20 participants. The theme of the two day gathering was "One Team, One Goal". It was an opportunity to talk about and evaluate what IofC Indonesia has been achieving for the last 2 years with various programs such as Saturday Gathering, Creators of Peace (CoP), Inner Growth Companionship Program (IGCP), Trust Building, and Youth Leadership Camps.

The program started with a quiet time and the participants shared their personal update and what inspired them to attend the meeting. We shared our thoughts and listened to each other. After our quiet time and sharing session, the core team presented their report which consisted of the financial, administration, communication and media, and program divisions.

After the core team report session, we had time to share our thoughts, to listen to each other and to give some inputs on the progress of IofC Indonesia. Umam, the former IofC Indonesia president, said that he appreciated what the core team had been doing and encouraged all members to take part in IofC Indonesia. It was a precious moment for us knowing that each of us truthfully expressed our concerns and listened to one another’s points of view.

During the session on learning from our experiences, the IofC Indonesia core team had a chance to share their valuable experiences and memorable learnings during their time working with IofC for the past 2 years.

On the second day, we had space to reflect on how IofC Indonesia's members want to see IofC in the future and in which part they want to contribute.  We also shared our precious moments with IofC. Miftahul Huda, IofC Indonesia advisor, led a session about how we value IofC within ourselves and how to get involved in IofC as a movement for change. Huda also told us about the focus areas of IofC's International programs, in which we can also contribute.

At the end, Dahlia Rera, Irna Yugaswati, Iskandar, Miftahul Huda, and Yudi Septiawan, were selected as the new board members. We finally thanked the previous core team for their hard work for the last 2 years. We are looking forward to achieving further change in the future.