Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Music & Public Speaking Workshop

Music Workshop

Music is what feelings sound like and we can express our feelings through music. On 25 October 2019 we had a music workshop led by Patrick Anthony Sta Maria, from IofC Malaysia. Having experience and exposure in the field of entertainment and music, Patrick incorporates the use of music in the training and workshops that he conducts. He won the heart of his audience through his songs and presentation. One of his songs is, “There are no strangers in the world, only friends we haven’t met.” The lyrics remind us that we are all friends and we can be friends with everyone.

His visit to Indonesia was part of his outreach program as a member of the Asia Pacific Coordination Group (APCG). One of the APCG mandates is to offer servant leadership in the Asia Pacific region on the basis of trust and fellowship to the IofC network in the region, coordinating needs and opportunities. In the regions, we understood the possibility of sharing skills and making sure that each region maximizes its potential, also to acknowledge our needs.  Public Speaking training is one of the main needs of IofC Indonesia team.

Presenting Straight to the Point (PSTTP)

Presenting Straight to the Point is a two day-workshop that demonstrates to participants how to get a message across quickly and concisely during a presentation. This program insists on a clear cut objective and using the appropriate approach when dealing with people from different walks of life. Applying this powerful technique enhances the participant’s confidence, both in a professional and personal context. The participants learn to tailor their presentation using a well-organized structured text, to demonstrate the use of non-verbal communication skills in their presentations, and to build self-confidence and calmness before delivering a presentation. Here are some feedbacks from participants:

I enjoyed the workshop as much and got a lot from it. It is a practical approach to enhance our presentation, as it refers to presenting straight to the point (Richard Tan, Malaysia). The trainer gave clear steps and instructions to the things we were asked to do. We also learnt how to receive and give feedback effectively (Vey, Indonesia). This workshop met my expectations. I learned to structure and deliver a speech properly. I would like to share with my friends and students about this applicable training (Oji Fahruroji, Indonesia).

We are grateful that Patrick could share his time with us. The knowledge and learning he has shared will help us immensely and we will take his words into practice.

Reported by Yofrina Octika Gultom