Monday, February 11, 2019

Caring for Victims of Tsunami Sunda Strait

#MULAIKEBAIKAN2019 is an event hosted by five communities, Komunitas Pecandu Buku, Blogger Jakarta, Komunitas Bicara Baik, Kelas Inspirasi and IofC Indonesia. The program consisted of a workshop, talk show and musical performance and was held on Saturday, 19 January 2019. This is a social project with the theme “Love, Diversity, and Unity for Humanity”. This event was to fundraise for the victims of the tsunami in Sunda Strait.

The session started with a workshop, led by Sarmoko, the chairperson of #MULAIKEBAIKAN2019. Haililah Tri, a lecturer and founder of RedMaroon Communications, who shared about Brand and Urgency of Public Relations (PR). “Public Relations is about good performance and respect from the public. It is related with performance and reputation. We can show good performance and get compliments by working well and making actions to support a beneficial relationship with the general public.” In public relations, communication skills should be developed in order to establish and modify relationships and to build the corporate image. 

The second facilitator, Widhi Sutopo, founder of Banyu Communication, shared about How to Be a Reliable Public Relation Practitioner in the Digital Era. “Nowadays, we face a digital era in which a PR practitioner is expected to be creative and to have strategic thinking skills.” Some knowledge areas to become a PR practitioner are in the fields of communication process, technology, current events, business, management, research, and strategic thinking.

Ray Rahendra, a creative strategic director of Getcraft shared about How to Be a Positive Influencer in the digital era. “Everyone wants to be heard, but not everyone knows how to be heard.” Indonesia is the largest and fastest growing internet economy in Southeast Asia. Nowadays, we can easily get connected with the internet. With this condition, it can be said that everyone can be an influencer through the digital media. “This year is really a good time for you who want to be an influencer in the digital era because we have channels, gear, the internet and demand.” Hence, the highlights of this session are influencers should know how to report and measure, understand what they have to do, and to not hesitate to learn. “If you are on the journey to become an influencer, you should learn about the platform, socialize more, be aware of what’s happening right now, evaluate yourself, and do some research. In the end, being an influencer is everyone’s dream but when you fail to prove that you are good, you can be replaced.”

Enricko Lukman is a content creator and the co-founder of C2live, a technology platform for Indonesian bloggers. He talked about How to be an Upgraded Blogger. Some people choose to be a blogger because they love to share and to inspire, to think analytically, to have an income, to make new friends, and to refresh their mind. “I believe that everyone can upgrade their blogging skills as long as they have the willingness and work hard.” Some suggestions for the bloggers are to be aware of blog aesthetics, content, and creativity.

Afterwards, a talk show was held during which some speakers shared about creativity and kindness. The speakers were Arief Rosyid, the general secretary of Dewan Masjid Indonesia; Andi Shada, the general secretary of Indonesia Islamic Youth Economic Forum (ISYEF); Stefani Ginting, a reporter and news presenter; El Alice, Miss World Muslimah 2014 and Miss Muslimah Asia 2018; and Glenys Octania, reporter of Kompas TV. Each speaker shared about their journeys reaching their dreams and participants were inspired through their sharing.

The event ended with a musical performance called Donation Musical Night. The session was hosted by Saif Ramadhan and Anne Rufaida. The participants enjoyed the performances of Band Butterfly, El Alice, Frisca Clarissa, Hotlas Mora, Katanada, Muhammad Pasha, Sheila on Pitu, and WTF Project; also sharing from Alona Puspa, an entrepreneur who initiated charity to victims of natural disasters and Oki Komika (Stand Up Comedy).

In the coming days the committee will visit the victims on 2 February, where there will be a trauma healing session led by the committee and the IofC Indonesia team. We are grateful for the collaboration with the communities and support from volunteers and donors. We also hope this event will give hope to our brothers and sisters in Sunda Strait. #MULAIKEBAIKAN #STARTKINDNESS

Reported by Yofrina Octika Gultom