Monday, May 6, 2019

Kartini's Day: "Women Talk"

IofC Indonesia presented a workshop entitled, “Aku Perempuan, Akulah Perubahan” (I am a Woman, I am a Change Maker) on the 27th April 2019 at Tempo Building.  This event was held from the 21st to the 27th April 2019. The theme was “Women’s Talk”, organized by KUMPUL. It consisted of exhibitions, talk show, film screening and seminars. IofC Indonesia participated together with some communities such as: Women Will, SabangMerauke, Rumah Millennials,, KeluargaKita, and many more.

Kartini’s Day is a day commemorated to coincide with the birthday of National Independence Hero Raden Ayu Kartini on 21st April every year since 1964 by all Indonesian provinces. The objective of Kartini Day is to commemorate and honor the struggle of R.A. Kartini to realize the equal opportunity between men and women in the modern era especially in the field of education and in general gender equality in all fields.

The workshop was led by Dinnie H. Firdausi (Nonie) and Anne Rufaida. The agenda was to talk about change within ourselves. The workshop started with an input “Three things that you are grateful for today.” A participant shared her thought, “I am blessed because the weather was good today. I met some new friends and I got new network by attending this event”. One participant shared that she felt more connected with IofC friends.

After the participants shared their thoughts, Anne shared what IofC Indonesia focused on, what we are doing and how to be involved with IofC movements. She also shared about the 4 moral standards and quiet time. “When people listen to what is deepest in their hearts, insights often come which lead in unexpected directions. Many understand this experience as guidance from God, others as the leading of conscience or the inner voice. The regular practice of silence can give access to a source of truth, renewal, inspiration and empowerment”.

On the next session, Nonie encouraged the participants to make a relationship map. This session was aimed to see what relationships they had with people in their inner circle. They practiced making their relationship map. One participant shared that he has no relationship anymore with his father because since he was 3 years old he was left by his father. Another story told that her sister is jealous with her because of her existence at home. Another man shared he has a strong relationship with his mother.

They also made a small commitment to make a better relationship and make small changes from the relationship map they made. One friend stated that he won’t fix his relationship with his father because the wound still exists. The session ran well and was fun. People said that they need more space like this to share and to look deeply about relationships.

Reported by Anne Rufaida & Dinnie H. Firdausi