Friday, July 24, 2020

Living Library: Indonesian IofC Members

Living Library – Come and Meet the Youth Workers of IofC Indonesia!

25/07/2020 5:00 GMT (1hr) / 12:00 WIB (Jakarta Time)

Finding Life’s Purpose and Creating Meaning in their Lives

Appreciating the experience that change starts with me and the youth workers in IofC Indonesia have reached out in their workplace and beyond to create a network of friends who as a growing team, attend training and workshops on integrity and inner leadership. IofC Indonesia is run and managed by young leaders with a growing network of new members.

Neas Wanimbo, Youth activist for education and literacy in Papua.

Neas Wanimbo is one of the figures from the province of Papua, he was born from a poor family because his parents are just ordinary farmers, he has succeeded in his education, and now he has helped many people, especially indigenous Papuans.

He did this because he realized that in Indonesia, especially in Papua, The reading interest was still very low, he felt there is limited access to education in Papua. Especially in remote areas and mountains.

From the above background, then he took the initiative to build a library in one of the schools namely Hano Wene YPPGI Elementary School in 2017. This school has an empty building so he used it to be the first library in Papua, especially in Yahukimo Regency. 

Irna Yugaswatie, finds joy in the field of education and learning.

Currently working in Generasi Cerdas Indonesia, an education consultant company that was started together with her husband with the vision of developing education with character and technology. Certified as Google Educator she assists teachers, mostly in Jakarta, to integrate technology into their classroom activities. In developing character, one of the program that is developed is Positive Teachers Camp, a joined program with IofC Indonesia to promote reflective teaching with Quiet Time as a tool of reflection. 

She met the idea of IofC during her time studying in State Islamic University Jakarta when AFL visited her campus in 2005. Since then, she became part of the IofC global family. In July 2020 she just finished her 4 years service as President of IofC Indonesia. 

Wendi Wijarwadi is the head of Human Resources in a government agency in Indonesia.

His works primarily focus on managing human resources competency and career development. He's been involved with IofC Indonesia since 2005 as a part of the team preparing 12th Asia Pacific Youth Conference (APYC).

He pursued his magister degree from the University of Minnesota under the scholarship of the USA government. He's now enjoying his new hobbies in gardening and cycling during the pandemi.



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