Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Interfaith Talk: Build Trust and Break Barriers

IofC Indonesia in collaboration with Jagat Arsy school hosted the Interfaith Talk with the theme “Reading History of Abraham” on Friday, 16th August 2019. This topic is in line with the special time during which Muslims celebrated Eid Adha or Eid Qurban otherwise known as the Festival of Sacrifice.  

Budi Rahman Hakim, the director of the school welcomed and shared his vision that the school is proud to host this talk “despite the differences among the three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  A common thread in these religions is the belief in Abraham. 

One of the speakers, Imam Ozi Fahrurozi who is a teacher at Jagat school and participant of the 1000 Abrahamic Circle, visited the US and New Zealand to meet three religious leaders, visited mosques, synagogues and churches as well as having honest conversations as a family.  He said, “I felt grateful that I am in this program, I think there are so many misleading concepts and prejudices toward Christians and Jews.  In this program I was privileged to meet my fellow Rabbis and Pastors and becoming best friends during the 4 weeks we spent together.

One participant said that she found it interesting to find hope out of so much tension and conflicts among these three religious communities, even though they have the same roots but choose a different path to the finish line. The differences can be avoided or banished. But, if salam is our goal, there should be a way of living in a harmonious world without poking at each other's believes or way of worshiping God.

The talk was reflective and challenging as Indonesia has acknowledged 6 religions but not Judaism, even though there are a few followers existing in Indonesia. Rabbi Eliot from Colorado in the U.S spent one week in Indonesia and shared, “We tend to forget that we have one father Abraham or Ibrahim, yes we fight each other as if we are family, but there is a story that Abraham’s sons were together (Ishaq/Isaac) with Ismail to bury his father”. The Rabbi also said, “The world needs to know beautiful Indonesia and its diversity; not many people know that Indonesia is a democratic country with the largest Muslim population in the world.” The Indonesian team will carry on to complete the mission to create a new story by building trust, breaking the barriers and maintaining diversity with peace and tolerance.

Reported by Miftahul Huda