Friday, July 20, 2018

Homecoming “School of Reconciliation”


The team of “School of Reconciliation” took the training, called “Homecoming” in Akasha Learning Companionship in Malaysia. The program was held from 24 – 30 June 2018. This training was the continuation of previous training which was held in Bandung, in December 2016. The same group attended in which we experienced the change and progress about life, family and self.  We managed ourselves and committed to plan the next training with Akasha.

There were 19 participants in total; 3 families, 4 kids and single persons, and one person from Nagaland who is taking an internship program at Akasha. During this training, the participants not only received the healing programme for themselves but also learnt the Akasha approach and interacted with the Akasha Executive Council (EXCO) and members.

On the first two days, we spent the time in silence at Port Dickson to reflect on what happened in our lives after the last training.  We could also enjoy the beach near the venue. The remaining 4 days of training were held at the Akasha office.

All the morning times were reflection and sharing sessions, and these were followed by the Effective Learning to Change Programme, which was held before lunch. We had different topics to learn. Having been initiated with My Body and My Feeling session, participants learnt about the sensation of our emotions in the body.  The next day, a session called Separating Your Feelings and Your Parents’ Feelings was one the hardest parts for participants to exercise in this training. This exercise required participants to recall what had happened between ourselves and our parents; it was not easy, but we needed to finish the work.

We also had a session on Learning to Love Yourself and The 3 Faces of Me. One of the symbols of the celebration in this training was an evening when we were invited to present our family tree to the rest of the group. An Indonesian, one from Nagaland and one Chinese friend presented their Family Tree to all of us. It showed unity and diversity and was a learning to all of us that 
we are all human beings who have common difficulties and struggles in life. Therefore, we should be a bridge between one another and to become a trust builder, creating a better society for each nation, starting from our family.

Some participants expressed what they learnt and found during the training:

The biggest impact from this training is to live my life fully and stop comparing myself to others.  I want to appreciate myself more. I choose to enjoy my life without any comparison because we are unique in our own way.
Samrotul Mufidah

This training helped me to find the diamonds of life. It is also recharging and refreshing. For Muslims friends, it follows the spirit of Ramadhan, the month of reflection, the month of purity and coming back to ourselves spiritually.
Nur Hayati Syafii

I understand that I am growing inside, how I think, how I see things and the way I solve problems. My attitude may not change much and people may not notice,  but I accept myself the way I am.
Nenden Mutiara Ulfa

The lesson that impacts me the most is about the power of love. Love can transform fear. Love helps us to transform knowledge into wisdom. Love helps my inner child to trust me day by day. Love helps me to accept myself sincerely, so no more comparing, as I am responsible only to my own feelings and not other people. Love can transform hurt into forgiveness. Love transforms difficulties into blessings.  My future, my life purpose, is being a loving adult.

I will go home to love myself unconditionally, accept my past, understand fears and learn to express my emotions and feelings to strengthen my real self for my family, friends and society. Although family issues are not mainstream and not discussed in public, and also not my concern, family issues have become my interest and part of my work.
Miftahul Huda

Two insights come into mind as my commitment: Be aware of surroundings and people around me. Keep the environment clean. I want to support my mom in how she is living her life this moment. May she forgive my father and live peacefully. I know this will take time and I will learn to be patient.
Dinnie H. Firdausi

With my family genogram, I came to the conclusion that we are like a tree, and its roots are the family of our origin. Therefore, we should not be uprooted. It is natural that the metaphor used for the genogram is a “family tree”, because it really resembles a tree: the hidden part is the root but it is vital.

I see myself now as a beautiful adult who wants to face the future with courage with my husband and my kid. I know that life has problems, but we need to reconstruct life and it starts with oneself.

My most impactful learning is how to live my journey as a person, as a part of a family, and community full of love and happiness both inside and outside.
Fikrie Arief

From this training, I will continue to know more about my family genogram. By getting to know more about myself and my family, I want to strengthen the relationship with my family.
Rahmad Hidayadi


Reported by Nur Hayati Syafii