Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Gathering with Barbara Lawler

Today, 10 February 2019, was our first day having a gathering at the new house of IofC Indonesia. Our special thanks to Nonie and her mother, who willingly share their house to be used for the IofC office. Nonie’s mother, Siti A. Sabardinah, the daughter of Soenarto, brought IofC to Indonesia in 1956. In our gathering, we were grateful to have Barbara Lawler before she returned to Australia.

We started with a Quiet Time session and shared about our life updates. One friend shared, “being honest and transparent to my eldest son comes to my mind. I learn how to talk honestly and properly to him even though he is still very young.” Alifah, one of the participants said, “I have had more quality times with my mother lately. I also feel thankful to be given the opportunity to share my experience as part of IofC a few days ago at Tanri Abeng University (TAU), where I graduated from. I was there with Barbara and the IofC team for an outreach program.” Nanda, a participant, shared that it was the first time for her to join IofC activities; she found the information through the IofC Facebook account. Rama, who had just returned from the International Dialogue at Asia Plateau, shared about his valuable experience during the program. “I felt grateful that I had more Quiet Time during my stay in India and was blessed that my wife and I could visit Kashmir after the program. Indri, one friend who had joined a Peace Circle in IofC Australia, felt grateful that after coming back to Indonesia, she could reconnect with IofC in Indonesia. “I am glad that I could connect with the IofC Indonesia team, after got to know IofC while studying in Australia.”

Sharing from Barbara Lawler, “I am very glad to come back to Indonesia; this is my fourteenth visit. It was great that we start today’s gathering with Quiet Time. God makes things clear about what I have to do through having a Quiet Time. I believe that Indonesia, with the biggest Muslim population in the world, and Australia, a western country, can together model something that he world needs.”

Umam, who had joined an IofC program in Australia, said that “I could feel the journey of IofC Indonesia supported by IofC Australia. Through IofC, we reconnect with intergenerational people. It would be great to build more networking and partnership.” 
We enjoyed our times with Barbara Lawler and appreciated her kindness and support to our team.

Reported by Yofrina Octika Gultom