Sunday, August 11, 2019

Friendship and Fellowship


In July my lecturer asked me to join her research project with the theme of Applying Principles of Good Governance to Schools.  It relates to some schools in Asia where we ran a seminar and had interviews with school members. As a teacher, I was keen to assist my lecturer and this activity will expand my mind and broaden my networking. 

My lecturer also informed me that we would write a journal regarding the research outputs.  Earlier, I had submitted my journal entitled Online Communication Strategy in Promoting a Personal Development Program in Indonesia (A Case Study on Initiatives of Change Indonesia Website to my university in 2017. It was the first time my lecturer got to know IofC and she is interested to collaborate with IofC activities.

My lecturer then asked me to connect our university with IofC’s networks. I had a thought to contact Patrick from IofC Malaysia, who works at Highlands International Boarding School (HIBS). HIBS has been recognised as a 5 star-school by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia. I asked if we could do our research project at HIBS and we were warmly welcomed.

We managed to visit HIBS on 27 July 2019. My lecturer, Dr. Henni Gusfa, M.Si., and Mr.Haridas, the executive committee of HIBS, also the chairman of MRA/IofC Malaysia, spoke in this seminar which were attended by HIBS teachers and staff.  We thanked Patrick and the school team for their gracious hospitality.

I was so grateful that I could connect my university with IofC networks and yes, good fellowship and friendships are lasting.

Yofrina Octika Gultom