Thursday, April 11, 2019

Ethical Leadership Program

IofC Indonesia, in collaboration with Tanri Abeng University (TAU), presented a Talkshow entitled “Ethical Leadership” which was held on April 6, 2019. Several times we have been asked to collaborate with TAU in hosting leadership seminars and outreach programs. Irna Yugaswatie, the president of IofC Indonesia, delivered her opening remarks and expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the committee members. “We come here to share and inspire each other and learn about leadership skills as well.” Khairul Umam, on behalf of TAU, delivered his speech to welcome all participants. Being the former president of IofC Indonesia, Khairul Umam was the person who created the partnership between IofC Indonesia and TAU. “In this seminar, we will learn how to be ethical leaders, to have emotional strength, and to build networking.”

The agenda started with a sharing session led by Najah Raniyah, the alumnus of TAU, who was also a participant with the Asia Plateau Volunteers Internship Program (APVIP) in India. Rohmatulloh Amirotudin, the national partnership coordinator of Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (AIESEC), led a session on Leadership: Millennials and Social Responsibility. She said, “Being a leader has never been on my list. My life begins at the end of my comfort zone.” Amirotudin used to think that she didn’t intend to be a leader. She started to gain self-confidence after doing voluntary work with AIESEC in 2015. This program was held in Turkey that she taught English to young learners there. Being part of an international community, she learned about leadership values: solution oriented, empowering others, being a world citizen, and self-awareness. “In the end, we spread the impact to deliver a more life changing experience and to create the world’s future leader. We are not just young people, you are the future leaders of Indonesia.”

Anne Rufaida, the media and communication coordinator of IofC Indonesia, shared about her dreams and passion. “In our life, sometimes we learn, sometimes we lose. As I didn’t pass the tests in my favourite universities, I decided to attend the Information System faculty in another university. Through the learning process, I found out that I was passionate about technology development.” Anne also shared how she met IofC Indonesia and now she is one of the core team. “I want to spare my times not only for professional work but also for voluntary work.”

Mohammad Arief Julianto, the founder of Nongki Saham, shared about how to take decisions and actions to be agents of change. “Through IofC, I learned to take personal initiatives on things I am concerned about.  I had thought to build a community focusing on investment named Nongki Saham because I am concerned with investing in Indonesia. To share is to empower people.” He shared about some steps to find triggers in life: find out the problem, understand the challenge, take the opportunity, find the good moment, and take new initiatives. To be a great leader, never stop learning, give a contribution, collaborate with people, appreciate people, evaluate yourself, and improve to innovate. To lead is to inspire.”

The second session was Ethical Leadership: The Power of Me. Irna Yugaswatie, facilitated a session on sharing the values we learn through IofC. “In an IofC gathering we start our sessions with a Quiet Time, a moment when we listen to the inner voice of conscience, and we write down the thoughts coming during these times of quiet.” The participants were given times to take a moment of silence and the input was ‘What troubles my mind”. Afterwards, they were divided into groups and shared their thoughts and also listened to their friends’ sharing. One friend shared, “I am concerned with the environmental issue and I should think of what actions I have to take.”  Other statements from this session were, “When you are clear on what you want and focus on your passion, you can be a great leader. Having quiet times could guide you to listen to your inner voice.”

Finally, we are grateful for the times, learning, friendship and inspiration we had today. This collaboration between IofC Indonesia and TAU will be continuously done to strengthen the partnership and cooperation.

Reported by Yofrina Octika Gultom