Tuesday, June 18, 2024



After a long period of hiatus for CoP in Indonesia, I feel that it is time for CoP to be reactivated. The process of testing which program activation would work took about a year. Finally, we decided to go to Australia to get training directly from the initiator and more experienced facilitators. 

We went through a series of activities to strengthen our motives and solidify our goals before leaving for Australia. First, we received refresher training from Rera who had previously participated in the training for facilitators at Adelaide. Then, we implemented the reborn CoP 2024 program in Garut.

All the preparation paid off because the training in Australia was very important. We were able to hear the fundamentals, principles, basics, and core values of the CoP Program directly from the initiators and seniors that still uphold IofC values in each session. 

We understand that CoP is a safe space and also a brave space for women to express all their views and feelings. In addition, women have an important role in terms of peace because women also have the risk of destroying peace itself.

– Nenden Prawira

Participating in the Women Creator of Peace Facilitation Training has been an enlightening experience for me, especially as part of the Indonesian team. We feel a strong need to revive the Creator of Peace in our country to create safe spaces for women. One key lesson I learned is the importance of active listening and empathetic communication. These skills are essential for resolving conflicts and building mutual respect. Furthermore, the training taught me that peacebuilding is not only about resolving current conflicts but also preventing future ones by fostering a culture of empathy and understanding.

Another takeaway is learning the 10 Gathering Points that the Creator of Peace taught us. These points include: What is peace anyway? Circles of concern; What destroys peace and what builds it?; Qualities of a peace creator; Inner peace; Listening to others; Inner listening; The power of forgiveness; Peace in practice; and Evaluate & commit. These points provide a comprehensive framework for understanding and implementing peacebuilding initiatives. They combine theoretical and practical aspects of peace, helping us to reflect on our roles and actions in fostering peace.

Lastly, the training emphasized the importance of self-awareness and inner peace for effective peace facilitation. By practicing self-reflection and understanding my own biases, I can become a more fair and effective facilitator. The focus on personal growth and mindfulness showed that inner peace is key to building peace externally. This approach of combining personal development with community action has equipped me with the tools to promote peace in various situations.

– Etun

From June 5 to 7, 2024, I embarked on my journey to learn about the Woman Creators of Peace (CoP). This training was led by Ibu Jean and Ibu Cheryl, with support from Chebet as the co-facilitator. Over three days, I gained many insights and a deeper understanding of how to conduct a CoP. This included mastering the modules, facilitation techniques, technical details, and microteaching.

I am excited to apply this knowledge in Indonesia. As women, we need a special space to share our stories and grow together. It's important to trust that every woman has potential and inherent value. Often, women are perceived as weak because they are seen as too emotional. However, through CoP, this becomes a strength. Every woman has the right to be herself.

The 10 learning chapters, from understanding peace to evaluating commitments, form a perfect combination for the CoP program. They are presented in a relaxed manner without sacrificing depth. I have already experienced the benefits.

– Anisa Ladhuny


I am so lucky to have been trained by Jean Brown, Cheryl Wood, and Chebet in this CoP Facilitation Training. Jean taught me that the most fundamental principles that I should hold in CoP is that I, the facilitator, is not a master of everything. The facilitator also learned a lot from the participants during the process. I need to hold strong to this humbleness. 

I learned a lot of technical details we need to pay attention to during the Peace Circle from Cheryl and Chebet. Their gentleness and patience creates a calm energy that’s so important for creating a safe space for people. Both of them are great role model.

– Hayati