Friday, January 4, 2019

Community Gathering at Tempo

On Thursday, 20th December 2018, IofC participated in a workshop along with other communities/organizations organized by KUMPUL at Tempo Office, South Jakarta. Ardiyamsi Sarmoko (Moko) and Rohmatulloh Amirodtudin (Ami) from IofC Indonesia presented some activities to the participants as follow:
Activity 1: Review what we have done in 2018. Each participant was given 2-3 minutes to write down what they have done and achieved in 2018 and then they were asked to share in the group. One of them shared, “Getting married was one of my achievements in 2018”.
Activity 2: Making a pie graph of our relationships. Participants learned to understand their relationships with their family, friends, partner, co-workers and themselves All areas are measured by a percentage which gives a total of 100 percent. Then they shared their findings in pair. One shared, “I allocated 60% for my family because in 2018 I was committed to myself that my family is my priority, 40% for work and career. My work needs my focus and my presence.”
Activity 3: Then continue to make a relationship map. This map aims to identify the quality of each relationship they have with their family, friends, partner, co-workers and themselves.
Finally, the session was closed by Moko with closing remarks about “Delivering a Good Speech”. We discussed about how to be a good “netizen” in social media (online) and offline as he suggested: no gossiping, no judging, no negativity, or dishonesty.

Reported by Dinnie H. Firdausi