Thursday, June 30, 2022
Building Self-Trust

How do you define self-trust?

Have you ever doubted yourself?

How well do you trust yourself?

Those are three questions that I recently reflected on, a reflection on building self-trust. Learning to trust ourselves is an essential thing we can do to live life truthfully. Self-trust is the conviction of the choice and decision we make to stay true to ourselves. Building self-trust can be started with listening within to our inner selves, to inner wisdom from  reflecting on our own needs that we all have.

In my opinion, trusting ourselves means accepting ourselves as the way we are and enjoying the journey process we go through, no matter what the result is. Some people might have experienced that it is easier to trust another person than to trust him or herself. This might happen when we have difficulties in making decisions, when we need others to consult and give us some feedback and, in this case, we might trust people more than ourselves.

Self-trust will help us to build true self-confidence within ourselves. We grow to be true and authentic also trust in the inner voice within ourselves. When we trust the inner voice, at the same time we also trust and have clarity in the directions we choose. We all have inner wisdom.

Here’s how I reflect about self-trust:

  • Staying true to ourselves
  • Understanding of thoughts and feelings clearly
  • Awareness of reacting to some issue, problems or other things happening in life
  • Courage to make decisions and directions
  • Taking care of self

I learn to trust myself in the exact same way I learn to trust somebody else. How do we build self-trust so that we can be ourselves around others? Firstly, stay positive. Having a more positive outlook about yourself will help you to be more confident no matter whom you are with. Secondly, focus on your strength. Replace your fear with courage. Identify your personal strength, discover your ability and focus on what you can do; and remember, stay humble. Thirdly, don’t compare yourself to others. Comparison can steal our joy and bring negative vibes. Let other people’s journey inspire you and challenge you for your growth, not to put you down. Fourthly, spend time with yourself and look inward.

Through Initiatives of Change (IofC), we have been introduced to quiet time practice, to look back and reflect on our lives and also to experience self-introduction. I  realize that this is one of the most important parts of my journey to have regular inward reflection which can become a tool for change and growth. Eventually, building self-trust takes time, courage and practice. Trust yourself because you are the first person you need to trust.


Yofrina Octika Gultom