Sunday, August 11, 2019

Being Part of IofC Indonesia Family


Have you ever felt less motivated, stranded, bored, and unclear with your life goals? Many times I felt so till I got to know Initiatives of Change (IofC). A friend of mine introduced IofC to me a few years ago. He is a smart and nice person, and he also has a wide knowledge and plenty of experience. I remember that he once shared about IofC. I began to find more info through websites, and inspiring stories, that I found interesting. Not only the fact that IofC organizes social events, but the programs focus on character building and trust building. Enthusiastically, I asked my friend to inform me about upcoming IofC activities.

I first joined an IofC program in 2017. The gathering started with a reflection called a quiet time. I listened to my inner voice and had courage to share with others. I could freely say what I wanted to say and I could respect my own self regardless of who we are and whatever we choose in our lives. Honesty makes me feel better and helps me to be more confident. I also learnt to listen to people’s thoughts and to get connected with them. I also made new friends in IofC who come from different backgrounds and communities. It gives me a lot of inspiration and knowledge. Our friendship is growing and I feel so thankful to meet them.

I have learnt more about the four moral standards of purity, honesty, unselfishness, and love which help me to live my life better and to improve myself. I learned that IofC is about kindness and I feel so inspired with its values. IofC means a lot for me: it is like an oasis in the desert!

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